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 About Me (My life story)

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About Me (My life story) Empty
PostSubject: About Me (My life story)   About Me (My life story) EmptyMon Oct 22, 2012 7:02 pm

Well I was born on October 7th 1997 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, Illinois. I lived in St. Charles, Illinois for like 6 weeks before we moved to Woodridge, Illinois. Fast forward to the year 2000 my brother was born at Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, Illinois on March 14th (Our Mom worked there at the time for both of our births Razz). Fast forward another 5 years which is now 2005 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in May during memorial day weekend. Fast forward 3 years now it is 2008 (THE YEAR OBAMA TOOK OFFICE) I moved to Shorewood, Illinois when we moved I was 10 but later that year I turned 11 in October. That year I also got the magical invention called the insulin pump its the best thing that happened in my life....so far. Basically with that I don't have take shots at all anymore so thats great! Fast forward to 8th grade year which was last school year I graduated from junior high, went to six flags, made my confirmation (I'm Roman-Catholic). Now time for the summer I did lifting for freshman football to get stronger that spring I started working out at Rudy's Gym so it wasn't to new for me. Now in 2012I started high school I played free safety for my high school the Minooka Indians on the freshman level. I will wrestle for the winter sport and probably play lacrosse in he spring.

Now for my gaming career lol I don't know when exactly but I got a GameCube it was my first console and the first games I got was Mario Party 7 and Pokemon Gale of Darkness XD me and my brother had to share though Sad. Then in like 2008 I got my first game system that was a PS2 my first game for it was Madden NFL 08. But my first FPS was Battlefront 2 it is still one of the best FPS's out there still. I actually still probably have like 8 memory cards still (Remember those things that you had to use to save your data and if you didn't have one you couldn't save anything) I got my PS3 for Christmas when Black Ops was released and Black Ops was my first game for my PS3 its a 160 GB version I also got my trusty blue controller too. I was playing solo for a few months then during the summer of 2011 I decided to join a clan so I was looking on the CoD forums and saw RoF so I put an app in and was probably the most active initiate EVER back then the trials were 10 days long by the time I was accepted I had like 100 posts or maybe even over that. With my time in RoF I was every staff position except clan leader. I started as a Recruitment Officer then moved to Initiation Officer, then to Combat Leader (basically Squad Leader but over the whole responsibility was to make inter clan matches). Then I was a moderator then I was a Squad Leader. The Max decided to move the forums to vBulletin. Then later in December Max decided to close RoF's doors and join RsR and a few other clans because nobody really helped her with the clan. I moved to a clan called No Limit Elites I was friends with the clan leader RYU. Then thats when I was very active on PS3 and loved MW3 I left beause there wasn't ever enough people to play with I was like the only one on ever. So I left there and went to a big clan called HavoC Gaming there was always someone online there. When I was there I helped with Game Battles a lot with map callouts and such. It was fun while it lasted but I just had to leave since Max was calling me back to RoF because she missed the clan and reopened the doors. I then was a Squad Leader and an Initiation Officer then I got lazy and became a regular member. In July it was official I was in RoF for one year and became a prestige member! Which was the "veterans" group. Then Max closed the doors and I helped create this clan mainly on the forums i guess I could be known as the "Tech Guy" of the clan but thats for you to decide lol well this has been A LOT of typing and y'all better read all of it because I took the time to type this all!
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About Me (My life story)
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