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Welcome to Evolve or Die! Please read the rule and hop on the chatbox at the bottom of the forums. We are officially recruiting for Black Ops 2! so get those applications in everyone! Upcoming Clan Ops: Core Kill Confirmed- Saturday December 15th at 2 p.m. EST, Core TDM- Sunday December 16th at 9 a.m. EST Upcoming Clan Challenges: Core Domination- Total Captures, Friday December 13th 10 a.m.


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PostSubject: Toothpick 101   Toothpick 101 EmptyTue Oct 23, 2012 1:23 am

Hey guys! A lot of guys that come in already know who I am, but for all you newcomers let me just give you a little information about myself. My name is Toothpick, obviously, but you can call me tooth. I'm 18 years old and attend North Carolina State University. As a gamer, it is almost a ritual for me to play almost every night that I can! I play a lot of the big titled games and a few others. You can almost always catch me on at night and I stay up pretty late. BobSaget (aka Dad) and I are the founders of EoD. He's the head guy and I'm his right hand man. Just to let you guys know, if you hear me all him dad, he's not my real dad we just call him that. Everyone does. I was also part of RoF and Mike, which some of you may know, was about the only guy there. RoF had a lot of European players and not a lot of American players. After dad rolled in it grew to an enourmous clan. I held Squad Leader for the longest time until after the summer where I knew school was starting up and time just wouldn't permit it. After a few talks between dad and I we decided to leave the clan and create this one. For me, Rate of Fire was my beggining to more serious gaming. However I saw I enjoyed it more with friends as a fun experience and that's what this clan was about. I do expect to see plenty of activity and just a friendly composition about yourself. You can always shoot me a message on the forum and until then. HAPPY GAMING!
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